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The London Bridge came crashing down! 2017 PCC Day 1-2

The London Bridge came crashing down! 2017 PCC Day 1-2

Jul 18, 2017, 7:30 PM 7

Okay, the London Bridge didn't really come crashing down, but the London System sure did! Well, not crashing down, but you get the idea, don't you? Remember my last post about How NOT to play against the London System? Well, I learned from the horrifying experience and improved my lines vs. the London. The Prairie Chess Camp in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was my first chance trying a new and better line out. I returned as assistant coach for the 2017 edition of the PCC, this year helping out in tactics with FM Erik Santarius. Other coaches and assistants were FM Alex Betaneli, NM Dan Brashaw, NM James Neal, Expert Gokul Thangavel, as well as Morgan Lu. The first day, which was July 17, featured Nathan Chen and Owen Fiedorowicz teaming up against Arjun Palaniappan and Anish Lodh on a puzzle-solving spree (Remember to think through every counter-variation clearly before giving your final answer!). However, an interesting puzzle came up on a sheet that neither could solve. I put them to the task by threatening to not let them have lunch, and they came up with the answer maybe-- 45-293892 hours(?), minutes(?) later? happy.png... (correct me on this, Mr. @monkeync!!! happy.pnghappy.pnghappy.pnghappy.png). This puzzle will be on my next post! Now, back to the London System crashing. During the afternoon g20 d5 tourney, I sat down with Mr. Gokul "Overrated Patzer" Thangavel to play a fun g20 game. It featured the London System as well as an exciting ending with lots of time trouble for both sides. The game is below. Enjoy! (Note the USCF quick ratings; I am black)

I hope you enjoyed the game! Next up, hopefully tomorrow, I will post one of my all-time favorite puzzles on my blog! (Pssst Nathan, Owen, Anish, Arjun, you will find this one familiar happy.png; picture from last year's camp)

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