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11/13/17 - A Little Bishop Trick

11/13/17 - A Little Bishop Trick

Nov 13, 2017, 6:36 AM 0

Just a little thing I found out that helps when trying to remember/visualize which squares a bishop or queen is capable of hitting on a diagonal: with the board divided into quadrants, a bishop/queen will hit the same square on the opposing quadrant.

For example, a bishop on e6 is in the upper-right quadrant, first column and second from the bottom. This means pick the first column and second from the bottom square in the lower-left quadrant, and the bishop on e6 can strike the a2 square.

Another example: a queen on c8 is 3rd column, top square of the upper-left quadrant. The same square on the lower right quadrant is the g4 square.

I hope you find this helpful when visualizing blind!

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