Coolest KG Games Ever!!!

May 18, 2013, 5:58 AM |

Hey everyone!!! The Kings Gambit is my favourite opening, and I got to experience a load of fun games with it... Here are my favourite games - in the Kings Gamit!

#3 - My game. It was my first game that I officially played with this opening!






Wow.... due to my pathetic skill of blogging and game-posting, it seems I've made that into a puzzle. Just Press solution and go through it like a game :)






#2. A game that is 11 moves. Played between 2 masters...

Quite funny how that turned out... I guess it fell right into blacks hands... (wait, do king actually have hands on  a chess piece?)I can't see a hand...

#1!! my FAVOURITE game ever, played by one of my favourite players too... Adolf Anderssen! Famous game!!

Anderssen is an inredible player... Sacking :

  • 1 bishop
  • 2 ROOKS
  • 1 Queen


Anyways, all for now. thanks for reading, see ya later!!