Free Member Points

Jun 9, 2009, 4:08 PM |

Okay, so we all know that every time we post some sort of text, be it a comment, blog, or article (except notes I think), we get a member point. So these things are supposed to indicate how involved we are in

(If you don't like to read a lot, feel free to skip down to the last paragraph.)

So the more posts you have, the better right? For all of you who feel lazy, just post some comment like 'good' or 'easy' or 'nice' or whatever you wan to say to those daily puzzles. Or you can skim through articles and say something similar. The same goes for just about every single commentable post out there. Then, there are those who post their own stuff to get points. Hooray for both groups of people, because I do some of each method.

Oh wait! You can also go join up on some heated discussion and help people call people jerks for calling other people jerks. Sounds fun.

Now some of you frown on this saying that it's one step below flat-out spamming. Guess what? Your right. Through our irrelevantness , we are involved in At least people look at things before saying that it's good (right guys, right?).

So, let us all revel in our irrelevant commenting by posting a random comment(but within reason) in the comments section of this blog post. Let's get as much people as we can to visit this page and comment, spread the word! If we are lucky, we just might be able to set the world record for most comments on a blog post/longest thread or something like that. So, let the commenting begin!