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For the good of MAN

Jan 17, 2012, 6:53 AM 5

To all the men on this site, we have to unite, there are woman on here that are really good, they are beating men like you and I as if we were a rookie, and this my friends, scares me,I have played at lease 5 girls on here and lost to them all, I have looked at their records and they are beating us as if we were unwanted stepchildren, I say that we band together and put an end to this, double team them if we have to, but we must win for the sake of MAN kind ! Spread the word, we are not going to take this anymore, if they want a fight, then by George, we will give it to them ( well, not me, I already lost to 5 of them ) Thats right fellas, we must ban together and defeat the womanhood of chess, I call for a tournament with their best against our best, we can't let this go on, we must show them who is the boss ! Now I will update you if we can get this thing going,but I have to go now, my wife gave me a list of things that she wants done and she'll be all  over me if she catch me on here and the chores aren't done. "Remember the Alamo" ( I know that doesn't have anything to do with chess, but it sounds cool ) 

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