Here they paint over the image to Reidun (79)

Here they paint over the image to Reidun (79)

Aug 20, 2010, 1:07 AM |

(Sorry for bad English, used Google Translator at this one)

Reidun - I'm crushed

It's a black day for Reidun Einvika - when you read this, the wall of her white.

People across the country (Norway) have reacted sharply after it became known that the housing Reidun Einvika (79) has decided that her mural must be painted over.

An extraordinary general meeting had to decide whether she could keep the wall in connection with a renovation of the housing cooperative. Wednesday they took their decision. With 41 against 40 votes, it was decided that the 79-year-old painting must be removed.

(Not even possible to see from the road)

Short process
Already Thursday took the workers malerkostene in hand and painted the wall white.
- I am crushed.  They can take my painting away in seconds, "said Einvika to VG Nett.

She explains that there have been violently much interest, especially after it became known that housing showed no mercy and decided that the painting would be removed.
The picture had a motive from beautiful Valdres.

 - It takes on the psyche this, it is not to ignore. They cut away a part of my heart, "she said.

Printer image
In order to save the painting from being completely gone is a local company made the effort to take a picture of the painting and print it out on a canvas.

- It's much better than just white, but it is not quite the same, "said 79-year-old, who is still overwhelmed by the support she has received recently.

  - It's amazing. I did not know what Facebook was once before this started.  There has been an absolutely huge response, "she said.

Great support

Only Wednesday wrote about 1,000 people into the VG Nett's protocol and commented on the matter. Over 90 percent gave a negative decision thumb, to show his assessment of the case.

- I have a lot of support, but what it helps.Those who paint bucket, brushes and rollers do what they are set to, "says Reidun.
Despite the decision, she was up early today and made waffles for those who now paint over the image of her.

 - I do not show favoritism.  They just do their job, "she said.