Pyramid Tournament BFH

Pyramid Tournament BFH

Aug 30, 2010, 12:59 AM |


1. Everyone who joins will be in level 1 at the beginning.

2. Everyone can challenge one game against an available player in the same level or in the level one above. The game name is "Pyramid Tournament BFH".(BFH - Be the First to Hear, just if someone is playing in other groups PT)

3. One player can only challenge one game (in random color). One player can only accept one challenge. So one player at most can have 2 Pyramid Tournament games.

4. After the game has ended, post the result in the forum. The winner will go up one level. The loser will go down one level, or keep in level 1. (See the exception in red.) The draw game will not change anything. If the winner is in a higher level than his opponent's level, then there will be no change.

5. Games can be 3-days/move or 5-days/move, depending on the agreement between the players. Also do agree if it's going to be rated or not. If one of the players wants it unrated, please respect it. (Let's be friendly)

6. To join the tournament, post in the forum. You should also post when you challenge someone to a game or have accepted a pyramid challenge.

7. If you do not play in the tournament for 6 months you will drop one level.

New players are welcome to join anytime.

Does it look interesting? Become a member of our group "Be the first to hear.." and join this everlasting tournament!!