Jul 3, 2010, 10:06 AM |

I’ve been reading so much in the forum and in different tournaments that players are irritated because other players use their vacation time. Mostly it’s when tournaments doesn’t get to the next round because of one player – perhaps even because of one game that the player is losing anyway. In one way I do understand the frustration, on the other hand all the players should know what sort of tournament they are entering. I have played against one who went on a few hours “vacation” each time he had less than 3 hours left – I didn’t manage to not get irritated…….

I’m TD at some different tournaments now. Some are faster without vacation, and some are slower with vacation. In one of them a player had registered and then he sent me a mail and told me that with 14 days/move it could take years. Yes, dear, I know. If you do not like the tought if it, please do not enter. Then I will be happy to see you in a non vacation 1 or 3 days/move tournament! We’re not here to be irritated, we are here to have fun!! Please just read the terms for the tournaments before entering them.

Perhaps, as some has suggested, it could be that you had to say “ yes, I do understand that in this tournament it’s allowed to go on vacation” instead of the “yes, I know this is a non vacation tournament”…….

I’m glad it’s possible to take some vacation, since some tournaments could take years. Things could happened – like if my chids ended in hospital or something. Or if I’m up at the cabin of my mother in law…..Smile  Wouldn’t be without thouse trips.

And since I’m going on holiday in end of July I haven’t entered 1 day/move in May and June. In the tournaments I’m in at the moment I hope people do survive that I’ll be gone for a week…..