MUSES OF ROMA - Sci-fi/alt-history

Dec 26, 2013, 10:02 AM |

My fourth novel, MUSES OF ROMA, is now released into the wild.  It's a sci-fi / alternate history book about a Roman Empire that survived its historic fall and spawned an interstellar civilization.


The short summary:




Marcus Antonius Primus began a golden age for humanity when he liberated Roma from Octavian Caesar and became sole Consul. With wisdom from the gods, future Antonii Consuls conquered the world and spawned an interstellar civilization.


Three weeks before the millennial anniversary of the Antonii Ascension, star freighter captain Kaeso Aemelius, a blacklisted security agent from Roman rival world Libertus, is asked by his former commanders to help a high-ranking Roman official defect. Kaeso misses his lone wolf espionage days - and its freedom from responsibility for a crew - so he sees the mission as a way back into the spy business. Kaeso sells it to his crew of outcasts as a quick, lucrative contract...without explaining his plan to abandon them for his old job.


But Kaeso soon learns the defector's terrifying secret, one that proves the last thousand years of history was built on a lie. 


Can Kaeso protect his crew from Roman and Liberti forces, who would lay waste to entire worlds to stop them from revealing the civilization-shattering truth?




Available in print and ebook!  Ebooks priced at $2.99 for a limited time!

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Hope you enjoy the book!