a cat is solitude

a cat is solitude

May 2, 2013, 10:05 AM |

Solitude go hand in hand with the Quiet of the night ,.

hampered by the breathing,.

in front of a computer ,.

sometimes chess.com,. sometimes youtube,.

as speckless dew appear ,.

inspiration seems to elude ,.

refusing to compose strings of words,.

from a mass of yearning ,.

a numbness of the heart ,.

to the cries of man's loneliness,.

so long,.

lost in the quest for contentment and opulence,.

that is never enough,.

so it abandons the soul ,.


disheartened and forlorn,.

enveloping the whole being ,.

becoming the most wretched creature :P

for losing the blessings,.

losing the joyfulness,.

and instead a flaw in the feeling of goodness,.


is the talk of a sickly heart ,.

overcome by a feeling ,.

that thirsts for attention ..

the longing that is unbearable,.

clouds the view ,.

on the open range ...