cat going home in the evening

cat going home in the evening

May 1, 2013, 7:43 PM |

going home in the evening , like abandoning..

uncertainty and hope..

that blended at the working place .,

hauled on one's shoulders.,

becoming Questions,.

regarding allowances and salaries,.


out station work ..

going home in the evening is merely delaying the opportunity .,

to be continued the next day ,.

with efforts filled with deception ,.

to ensure the existence ,.

in this life that grudgingly makes demands..

going home in the evening ,.

in a worn out body ,.

and numbed thoughts ,.

never really think about it anymore,.

the grubby face ,.

the shabby clothes,.

the tangled hair ,.

who would care ,.

no one knows you here ,.

nobody really bothers ..

the journey on the commuter with the mechanical voice of its speaker ,,.

continues to remind those who are there ,.

with expressionless faces ..

they are really androids..

who want to produce success and happiness ,.

from the heat of civilisation ..

that burns the whole of existence ,.

and the never ending chase ..

coming home in the evening ,,

is a chance to rediscover one's thoughts..

and to inquire one's condition ,.

sometimes there is not enough time..

the more rapid the commuter wheels spin ,.

the faster the wheels of life's problem turn,.

incited by the plan of life ..

that commands investment upon investment,..

to forget how fortunate the soul is ,..

from the risks taken by the body ..

coming home in the evening ..

only to get a chance to breathe in ,..XD

sufficiently for life tommorow ,.

to continue one's survival,..

in the middle of life 's nuts and bolts ..