How to Play with the Bishop Pair?
The pair of bishops are like Goku and Vegeta, they need open spaces to fight better.

How to Play with the Bishop Pair?


The Bishop pair is a powerful weapon in the hands of those who know how to use it. A few months ago I ran across a game that is perfect for explaining how to use that weapon. I analyzed the game, and I want to share it with you

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Prerequisites before proceeding

 5 points of Steinitz

According to Steinitz, the side with Bishop pair should follow this procedure against B+N

1-Dominate the center of the board.
2-Restrict the mobility of the opponent's Knight using pawns and bishops.
3-Gain space by advancing the Pawns
4-Penetrate with his king through the squares of the opposite color to theoponnent's bishop.

5-Simplify the position by exchanging pieces, but... be careful of opposite color bishop endgame!

In the game that follows, we are going to see these five piece of advice in action.


Lets go to the game!

White pieces: FM Enrique Álvarez Fernández (2324).

Black pieces: IM Julio Suárez Gómez (2469) number 36 of Spain.

In Spanish: