My first tournament advance !

Aug 12, 2009, 1:05 PM |

Today, I finally advanced for the first time ! I normally play tournament matches, and have participated in 47 of them (withdrawing from two before they started). However, up until now I have not actually advanced. The way many tourneys are set up, it is not possible to get points for the leaderboard without advancing through at least one round, so I am very happy to finally get something to show for all the tournaments I have played... although Round 2 of the Under 1200 Tourney is now underway...

Speaking of tournaments, I have not signed up for any new ones in the past month, taking my game load from 50 games down to 18 at one point. With the advancement in this tourney, and my decision to accept challenges again, I am now at 21 games. Very manageable. I am still deciding if I should go for the 8th tournament, as it will add 10 games simultaneously, with only one advance...

I have chances in two or three other tournaments, with at least one more advance - but I am awaiting others to finish their games so the next round can begin on those tournaments as well. In the meantime, to see how I am doing :

under 1200 tourney by robson91 - Overall Standings