Note to Self : Last download 6-20-2009

Jun 20, 2009, 9:15 PM |

The last two weeks or so on have been rather eventful. I have decided to change over to the Colle-Zuckertort opeining for white, based on Gary Lane's The Ultimate Colle. It is too soon to tell if it has worked, but so far I like the positions I wind up in. I have also broken through into 1100 territory, peaking at 1219 before settling down at 1185. Also, there is much more interesting Chess Mentor content, so I upgraded (again) to Diamond memebership. I have downloaded some of the last games played with the mainline Colle for white; 41 games in all.


In other news, I hope to get Fritz 10 up and running this weekend, and dig deeper into my games. Soon, I will also get my game load down to something more manageable - after a peak of 64 games, I am now down to 54. I'll be happy when that goes down to 40 or less.