Woohoo ! Chess960 is here !

Jul 3, 2009, 7:29 PM |

I have been wanting to try out Chess960 for a while. To me, it seems much more useful than bughouse, crazy-wtf, or whatever. It seems to be a nice way to supplement tactics study as well. Plus, no opening prep needed, as long as one knows the rules of chess ! I signed up for a tourney.


Also, my standard chess rating is precariously close to 1200. It went over again earlier this week, and hopefully I will not fall below again. At 1211, I have loaded on about 125 points in a month. Wow ! Hoping to keep that up...


My game load is starting to go down - I am now at 49 games. The Chess960 tourney will add 3 to that, but some games and team matches are winding down... still aiming at less than 40 for that. My next focus will be on getting some tournament leaderboard points. Oh, and playing over the board more !