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Some Themes from Dan Heisman

Some Themes from Dan Heisman

Jan 23, 2017, 5:00 PM 0

I won my first tournament last week with this game. I was pretty happy with the game--until I came home and analyzed it. I gained an advantage early on on tactics, kept files closed so that his Rs weren't able to influence the game--even turning down some material to keep his Rs contained--and until a critical moment at the end, took my time on the clock. At the critical moment, I "found" a tactic to simplify into an easily winning endgame--or so I thought. To my horror, it didn't take much analysis to see that this move actually lost on the spot, or at least it would have had my opponent spotted it. In the end, this game reveals a number of themes from Dan Heisman, including tactics/safety, counting, sequencing, quiescence errors, and micro time management.


  • tactics/safety, including counting and sequencing are still most important at my current level
  • analyze to quiescence
  • If you think a move is going to win the game for you, take _more_ time to be sure (micro time management)
  • a pawn, especially a passed pawn, is usually worth more than the B-pair, even on an open board
  • in this opening White can get in an earlier push to d4, and if Black gets in ...a6 and ...b5, then White's strategy is often to attack Black's b5 pawn with c3 and a4. } 

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