USCF Expert Don Latzel passes

NM danheisman

Sadly, I got a call today from a mutual acquaintance telling me that Don Latzel was hit by a cement truck on Thursday and passed away - I assume he was driving at the time.

Don was about 85. I always remember Don with a kindly smile and a good word for everyone; not an enemy in the world. Always willing to help; that's why he was a teacher. We will miss him very much. He was, graciously, one of my mentors at the Germantown Chess Club in the late 1960's along with players like Rich Pariseau, Rich Lunenfeld, and Jerry Kolker.

According to the caller, there will be a memorial from 6-8 PM on Thursday evening, Apr 24 at Beck Givnish (I think that's a church) - 7400 New Falls Rd., Levittown, PA (near "Five Points") 6-8 PM

Here is a game Don beat me at the Philadelphia Open (when that was the Open championship of Philadelphia, not the CCA event) in July 1967. With my poor, but instructive 7th move, I overvalued White's wrecked pawn structure and Don properly valued his piece activity and bishop pair more. But Stockfish DD properly brands my capture as a mistake.