Whatever Happened to Everyone's Second Chess Book?

Whatever Happened to Everyone's Second Chess Book?

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Hardly a week goes by where I don't get an email "I hear your Everyone's Second Chess Book is just what I need. However, the used book prices on Amazon are unworldly. Do you have a spare copy to sell or when will it be reprinted?

Indeed, the least expensive new copy of Everyone's 2nd printing in 2005 goes for about $180: "3 new from $179.97 13 used from $99.99"

Still others write "I am looking for a copy of your book", presuming I only wrote one book and that is it (not knowing I have 10 with the 11th on its way...). So "your book" often refers to Everyone's.

Ironically, for a long time I was selling many of my books new, autographed and with shipping, for less than what the Amazon resellers were asking. Yet few book buyers apparently took time to Google the books (or me), going right to Amazon and then finding the higher prices. But, as my wife and I got ready to retire (at least go somewhere warmer in the winter), I let my stock of autograph books dwindle.

A couple of years ago a budding publisher contacted the original Everyone's Second Chess Book publisher about getting the rights to reprint, and he did obtain them. Unfortunately the budding publisher later had a change of heart and decided against reprinting without returning the rights. The original publisher therefore understandably forgot all about it.

But lately I have been in contact with the original publisher and he is aware of the situation. He is especially aware when I send periodic emails to him cc'ing a reply for another person seeking the book!Smile. So he is in contact with the other publisher to check on the current situation with the rights.

So all is not lost. The book may be have a 3rd printing after all. It's not planned yet, but the chances are rising. Meanwhile you can get alittle bit of the content through my award-winning Novice Nook column (helping anyone get better - not just for Novices!!) at

So if you are looking for "book" information on chess "chunking", "Counting", etiquette, misunderstood rules, Making Lemonade out of Lemons, Just Because It is Forced, and other good stuff, help be on the way in the form of maybe, just maybe, say a 2013 reprint?! Cross your fingers...

Oct 2 update: Have just heard from the publisher and the person who negotiated rights. Will be in touch with them after Oct 10 for more details. I am pretty sure something will happen. Most likely a 3rd reprinting, but an outside chance for a second edition?!

Nov 19, 2012 update: Still no word from the potential publisher. My fingers are still crossed. Meanwhile I am working on the second edition of Looking for TroubleSmile

Dec 8, 2012 update: The potential publisher is not longer communicating so the rights may eventually revert back to the original publisher. I don't get the rights reverted until after 2015 (10 years after the previous update), if no one wants them.

Mar 14, 2013 update. The pubisher feels that if we don't hear something in the next week, we should go ahead and consider whether we want to reprint or create a second edition.

Jun 13, 2016 update. I have the rights to the book and I am now clear to find a publisher. Have contacted one and have others I can contact. At the least the next publication will have new pictures (don't know whether to call that a third printing or second edition yet...)

Dec 20, 2017 update: Yes, I have finished writing the second edition of Everyone's Second Chess Book! Editor Jorge Amador is finished as well and I believe the book has gone into printing and should be available in the Feb-Mar 2018 timeframe.  The new edition is roughly three times thicker than the first, but hopefully it will retain the same, funsy, practical advice flavor that made the first edition so popular. Sometimes people would say "I read your book!" and when I would reply "I have written N books (12 now); which one do you have?" they would often reply, "Everyone's Second Chess Book!"

July 24, 2018: Everyone's Second Chess book, second edition, has been out for a while. Take this link to see it at Amazon, but you can get it through many chess book sellers, too.