Blogs re-designed

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Last year around this time I got a quiet email from Comcast stating that personal webpages would no longer be served from their ISP.

For a quiet little email, this was quite a shock, as my website had always been served by Comcast since its inception in the late 1990s.

So now, what to do? I had been looking to use a new tool to maintain my site for years, but now I was forced into just that, and more.

Therefore, I immediately contacted several web designers who had contacted me over the years. The first one to get back to me, a friend, took the job. However, after a couple months he told me the job was too big for him and I should get someone else.

So I contacted more designers and gave the second shot to someone who was recommended, but I did not know. After a few months the second designer gave up the job, also! He, too said it was too big for him, and returned all the funds I had paid him for his initial work. He pointed me to a third designer he knew - who happened to live closer to me - and I started all over again - six months after I began!

This time the job took almost five more months, but it finally got done. About two weeks ago the third designer, using the web building tool, finished the high level design and comprehensive top-level shell of the new web page. He then gave me training in that tool, and handed over the rest of the job to me. It was too expensive to have him do everything and, in my pre-full time chess instructor days, I was a software manager and wanted to maintain my own site. (PS: I have now been a full-time chess instructor and author for 20 years!)

So the past couple weeks I have been working diligently and, last night, we changed the alias "" to point to the new site. The new web page has all the most important material from the old one, including:

  • Information on getting lessons from me, both "live" and via the internet
  • All my columns, articles and blogs from, Chess Cafe, and elsewhere (although any Chess Cafe links still do not work, as that site is still in flux?!). I still get my students access to my columns on how to improve, but I needed a work-around.
  • Links to TV shows and ICC videos
  • Information on the 12 chess books I have written
  • Recommended Books
  • Definitions
  • Principles
  • How to donate to my two charities at The Philadelphia Foundation
  • Club in the extended Philadelphia area
  • My contact information
  • External Links to many interesting and helpful chess sites, and
  • ...much more

I also provided links to our Hahn and Heisman Homepage and my old website, in the small chance that something you wanted is only on the old site and not the new.

So taking "" will still get you to my web page, but any bookmarked links you may have had directly to sub-pages on my old site, such as Novice Nooks or Recommended Books, will have to be updated by going thru

Most of the navigation on the new site is via pull-down menus on the upper right of each page. There are also social media links there, too, such as to my "Chess Tip of the Day" on Twitter.

My new webpage is not 100% finished, but it is fully functional. Hope you will find the new site informative and even easier to navigate than my old site!