Tal like play against the scandinavian (very aggressive)

Mar 7, 2016, 5:49 AM |

i came up with this idea in one of my 10min games, it was a pretty short and sweet aggrassiv game on my side, i won it in 12 moves but it was a pretty unsound idea i had, but if i had played the move i originally planed and play this idea one or two moves later it would have been not that unsound (-0.62 by my deep junior yokohama engine) but its very very tricky to find the wright moves as black, because those moves just look so unnormal, but okey i will show you and you can try this in one of your blitz games or evan in a classical game if you are under 2000 elo.....because i dont think that someone under 2000 elo comes up with the wright moves and evan if he comes up with them, you are not completly lost, you are just in a slitly worse endgame and have to defend, i think its worth a try!!!!

here the link to the game, as i said it was cool but short....

Sorry for my bad english :)
ps: analysis asistent: Deep Junior Yokohama ("DJY") (i also have stockfish and other engines but i like the playing style of "DJY" and on my level and evan on higher levels it doesnt really matter that much because this engine is also strong enough to beat evan Carlsen)