black to play and be back in the game

Mar 5, 2016, 12:00 AM |
I really crushed him in the opening (well i dont know any theory in the caro-kann it just seemed wrong what he played and i tryed to punish it, and my moves where kind of all-right) and in the middle game as you will see, when you open the link to the game, i played some really sweat moves, like when i played "g4!!" (which by the way was the only move to get a crushing advantage) traping his knight....well there are some variations where he can hold on to it but loses the rook or the queen, or loses the knight later on......and at the end i thought i wonna finish him of in style and i played the move "Qa6??" (there were a lot of winning continuations (i am a piece up so i could have won in a easy way aswell, and there was also a mate which i missed (well missed, i of corse saw the move but i just havent calculated it because i saw Qa6 i was only focused on this because its a cool move and i really wanted to play that)...instead of Qa6 i could have just played Rxb7 which would have lead to mate also Qb5 (which was my original intention and which is the normal move in the position) would have also lead to mate)) but unfortunattly (Qa6 doesnt work) he can do something which we both missed and i won anyway, but its still pretty cool, well the whole game is pretty cool and instructive
here the link to the game:
Sorry for my bad english