middlegame skills-tactics II

Feb 16, 2016, 9:27 PM |
It was a verry tactical game as the engine later showed, but okey i made a small blunder, which he didnt make use of, but after that i played pretty good, but you can check the game yourself i will give you the link bellow... (it was a 10min (each) blitz game)

I sacrificed a pawn a fiew moves earlier because i just felt that my pieces are so well placed that i should do it and it was the right decision.
I saw this move one or two moves before the possition arrived on the board, it just jumped into my mind, i wasnt calculating everything till the end, i was just thinking that my pieces are so well possitioned that it simply must work .... but now to you, can you solve this???
Sorry for my bad english, and here the link to the game: