the scotch game, 4... Bc5 5. Be3 analysis

Feb 16, 2016, 7:03 PM |

For white i think its a good alternative to the main moves 3. Bb5 "ruy lopez" and 3. Bc4 "italian" game". But if white isnt careful, black is also able to win. All in all, in my oppinion its fine for both sides


1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 the "scotch-game"  3... exd4 4. Nxd4 i always play  4... Bc5 threatening th d4-knight, but there are other moves like 4... Bb4+, 4... Nf6 or of corse 4... Nxd4 etc.  5. Be3 threatening Nxc6 attacking the queen and it would also be a discovered attack on the c5-bishop (winning material for white)  5... Qf6 renewing the threat of Nxd4 6. c3 defending ( now if  6. Nxc6 than:  6... Bxe3 7. fxe3 dxc6 8. Qd4 white trys to exchange queens and repair the structure  8... Qg5 ( or  8... Qh4+ 9. g3 Qg5 its a matter of taste   ) 9. Nd2 Nf6 10. O-O-O ( after  10. Nf3?! Qa5+ 11. c3?! Be6 12. e5 attacking the knight   ( if:  12. b4? than  12... Qa3 13. Bc4?? prepairing castleing, developping the last piece, defending the a-pawn etc.....   ( if  13. Rd1 is the best move (according to "DJY"), just giving up the a2 pawn  13... Qxa2 than the possition after 12. b4 is pretty bad for white   ) 13... Rd8 attacking the queen  14. Qe5 only available square, also pinning the bishop and stopping Bxc4 because this is now illigal  14... Ng4!! attacking the queen, letting the g-pawn go...  15. Qxg7 Bxc4! stopping white from castleing, white is now in deep trouble  16. Qxg4 is the best move according to "DJY"   ( because after  16. Qxh8+ Ke7 now the queen is under attack and if for example  17. Qxh7 white is going to be checkmated  17... Qxc3+ 18. Nd2 Qxd2# mate   ) 16... Qb2 threatening mate on e2 aswell as the rook  17. Nd4 defending against the mate but after  17... Qxa1+ 18. Qd1 Qxa2 black is a whole rook up, white can resigne   ) 12... Rd8 counterattacking the queen  13. Qf4 ( after  13. Qh4 Ng4! forking the e-pawns   ) ( if  13. Qb4 than  13... Qxb4 14. cxb4 Nd5 forking the e3- and the b4- pawn   ) 13... Nd5 attacking the queen again  14. Qd4 white must defend against the threat Nxc3, bxc3, Qxc3+ forking king and rook  14... Ne7 disovered attack on the queen, again....  15. Qh4 ( 15. Qf4 Qb6 attacking b2 and if  16. b3? than:  16... Ng6 17. Qe4 Bf5! 18. Qxf5 Qxe3+ 19. Be2 Nf4 threatening mate  20. Ng1 defending  20... g6 attacking the queen  21. Qf6 Qxc3+ 22. Kf2 Qd4+ 23. Kf3 Nd5 attacking the queen again  24. Qg5 Qxa1 black has a winning possition, black is material up, has the safer king etc. etc.   ) 15... Nf5 attacking the queen again  16. Qe4 Qb6 double attack on the b- and e3-pawn  17. Kf2 defending the e3 pawn  17... Qxb2+ 18. Be2 black is better, he can castle or take another pawn, in both cases black has got a better possition, safer king, better structure etc. all in all black stands better   ) 10... Ng4 threatening the e3-pawn aswell as a fork on f2  11. Re1 defending against both  11... O-O 12. h3 atacking the knight  12... Nf2 attacking the rook  13. Rg1 Be6 ( note that  13... Nxh3 isnt working, because of  14. Nf3 attacking the queen and defending the rook, and  14... Qg4 trying to meet  15. gxh3 with  15... Qxf3 isnt possible because of:  16. Qxg7# mate...   ) 14. Qc3 stepping out of the open d-file, where a black rook soon arrives  14... Qg6 threating Nxh3 and stepping out of any Nf3 attacks  15. Bd3 defending against the threat, developping the last piece and also setting up a discovered attack at some point  15... Rfd8 going on an open file (rooks belong on open files)  16. a3 stopping the possible threat of Bxa2 for ever  16... c5 gaining space, "Deep junior yokohame ("DJY")" gives this possition as equal, but its not a dead draw, kings on opposite sides of the board are always giving an interesting game, black can try to attack the week e-pawns, white can use the f-file and maybe trap the f2 knight or force it to take the d3-bishop and repair his structure...."dynamic equality"   ) 6... Nge7 developping the knight and prepairing castleing  7. Bc4 developping the bishop and prepairing castleing  7... O-O 8. O-O now the kings are safer  8... b6 planing to put the bishop on the long and strong diagonal  9. b4 attacking the bishop  9... Nxd4 now white has many options, i recomand  10. Bxd4 because the endgame is a bit better for white   ( this  10. bxc5 is also possible for white  10... Ne6 11. Qh5 prepairing a king-side attack  11... Nc6 12. f4 gaining space on the king-side, and prepairing a rook lift  12... Bb7 developping the last piece  13. e5 attacking the queen 13... Qe7 14. cxb6 getting rid of the weekness, but oppening the a-file for black, so black may get some counter play on this file   ( the alternative was  14. Nd2 immidiately  14... Nxc5 sacrificing a pawn, but white has enough compensation, its an interesting game... "DJY" says its equal, so both sides have got there chances   ) 14... axb6 15. Nd2 "DJY" says its equal, but i would prefare to be white here, because of the bishop-pair, the possibility of an king-side attack, and the space advantag, but objectivly speaking: black is solide enough so its kind of equal, but verry interesting   ) ( 10. cxd4 is also possible and interesting, sacing a pawn for some good central control  10... Bxb4 11. e5 Qc6 12. Qb3 now the f8 rook isnt able to move, it must keep the defense of f7  12... Bb7 threatening mate  13. f3 stopping mate  13... Nf5 putting the knight on an more active square, also maybe trying to hunt down whites bishop-pair  14. Rc1 threatening Bxf7+, which would win the blacks queen and the game  14... Qg6 maybe threatening Bxf3 (now or at some point in the future)....."DJY" gives this possition as equal, but i would take black here, simply because of the extra pawn and the better developpment, its true that white has got a space advantage but what is his knight on b2 doing....?   ) 10... Bxd4 11. Qxd4 Qxd4 12. cxd4 Nc6 forking the b- and d-pawn  13. Bd5 pinning the knight  13... Rb8 unpinning  14. Rc1 threatening to take on c6 twice and win a pawn  14... Nxb4 15. Rxc7 a5 16. Nc3 black still has some problems to solve (mainly about his bishop) white aswell has got the center and the more active pieces, thats why white is a little bit better i think  



Sorry for my bad english
and sorry that i dont have the diagram whre you can see the moves, but i tried to do it with that but it wasnt possible, somehow it always disapeared when i pressed the buttom to publish it......but okey i will try to do it again tomorrow, or maybe someone can help me there