very nice game-(it brought me (at least) back on 1600)

Apr 9, 2016, 7:55 AM |
Well i played a lot of interesting games yesturday, but thisone i like the most (it was a 10min (-each) game) not only cause i am back on 1600 (were i belong, if not i higher rating as i had one mounth ago (1719)) but also because it was a really beautiful game with no huge mistake (at least according to Deep Junior Jokohama ("DJY")) on my side :)...> in this game you will see some main and basic attacking ideas in the Dutch-Defense for example a rook lift on the f-file a knight maneuver towards the King-side but also a really beautiful mating patton which you can use in your own games ;)
Well i hope you like my blog and i also hope it helps/improves your chess most of all-your tactics and pattons- but anyway i will stop posting stuff for the next 3 mounths or so, cause i have to study and learn more for university
Here the link to the game:
Sorry for my bad english