Taking advantage of bad moves that creates weaknesses

Jun 1, 2016, 5:40 PM |

In my last game in live chess my opponent played some moves in the beginning of the game that was weakening his position. In this blog post I will try to describe my thinking process and how I made a plan on how to take advantage of what I considered to be dubious moves from my opponent.

After the first 7 moves I believe white is better, my plan here was to castle long and launch a pawnstorm when my opponent castles kingside. Plan was f3, g4, h4 and then h5 breaking open the kingside. I decided to play f3 before castling to get headstart on the pawnstorm. 

After this last move black resigned. With three pawns down, (connected passed pawns) and a weak d6 pawn this was clearly lost. I think there are two main points to this game. 

1. The moves a6 and g6 both looses time and creates weaknesses. a6 was later lost, and the move g6 enabled me to come with an aggressive plan of a kingside pawnstorm. 

2. The move c5?? created a weak d6 pawn and a very weak d5 square which I was able to use as a great outpost for my pieces.

I am very happy with this game as I was able to identify weaknesses in my opponents position and take advantage of them. 

Hope you liked this blog post, feel free to comment, and dont be afraid to correct any errors I might have done here.