The journey begins....

Mar 14, 2008, 7:11 AM |

So I put down the tv remote and complained to my friend,

"This is boring, lets do something..."

"Like what?" he mumbled as his eyes stayed glued to the tv.

I though for a moment "lets play a board game? Do you have any?"

He sat, pondering for a while, then spoke in a strangley high pitched voice

"I've got chess".

This resulted in me losing three straight games of chess.  Alhough it is a game I have played at most two games of previously, I was embaressed and my drive for winning took a step forward resulting in me being on this website. I want to learn how to play chess properly, I want to learn all the tactics, I want to conquer the world mwhahahaha. Seriously though I want to beat my friend....


Any advice on where I should start, what I should learn first, things everyone should know ect would be gratefully recieved, thanks, Danny Causer