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Using The Legal Trap

Using The Legal Trap

Mar 24, 2016, 3:16 PM 5

One trap that I almost always aim for when playing whit is the legal trap. The reason I like it is because you don't have to focus very much to set up the trap. Instead you can simply develop your pieces using the Italian Game. At a certain point, black may be tempted to pin Ne3 with Bf4. If this is the case, than you can lay the bait, with Nxe5. If black takes the queen, the game is lost. 

If black sees the trap and doesn't take the queen, then you can simply further defend, maybe moving the knight back to e3 and continue maybe with h3 afterwards to reject the black bishop and from there, the game goes on and white will be up one pawn in material. So not that bad. 

Here is an entire game where I managed to successfully use this trap. Please pay attention that players may not fall into this trap very often. 

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