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Sep 8, 2012, 1:31 PM 0

Two and a half years ago, an earthquake devastated Haiti, the world pour its heart in donations,a lot of promises were never kept. The ones that did, half of the funds just disappear right under the nose of the World Bank.What is left the poor haitians are still waiting for it to trickle down. Bail out funds never trickle down ask Mr Obama.Over a quater million peoples are still living in tents in port au prince alone. There are so many children in needs its insane.Yes its totally irresponsible to have kids with no means of caring for them,now that they are here we cannot turn a blind side.For i try to.Local communities helping local folks. The big organizations been trying to solve the world poverty problems for over a hundred years, it seems that its geting worse for our planet.A small bandaid will never cure a large wound.That is why I and my friend known in the chess.com community as are trying to make a difference.We are move by the resiliency of these childen, they are so hungry for knowledge, they are very motivated with learning and playing chess.As live in an area that is the inner city the kids her e have nowhere to go and nothing to do and these type of environment breeds all manner of society ills, whether its inner city USA,or the slums of BOMBAY.in Haiti no one hear their cries or care about their future.You name the manner of child abuse its happening all over our planet.In Haiti we are trying to make a difference.Before the earthquake we had a place to play chess and have tournaments  since then weve been unable to get back on our feet due to lack of funds.Our dream is to built a community center with chess as on of the themes, free meals computer classes and a lot more .A place were kids can come ,learn, play, feel free to smile.We are in needs of anything CHESSKY french chess books  chess games, ribons, trophys, for encouragement and rewards.Cash contributions are welcome. School year is about to start wee are in needs of school supplies, anything that would help these kids.I take the opportunity of thanking you all for your caring and pray that you will see your way to assist us.We can be reach at; dantpatrick@gmail.com or patrickdantes25@yahoo.com. For cash donations:UNIBANK   port au prince Haiti account #275 2016 13905432   Intermediary Bank:Wells Fargo Bank, New York USA. Swift code:WFBIUS6S  ABA Routing:121000248.      We  hope to hear from you . Sincerely  patrick dantes.

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