Kudos to Chess.com

Feb 6, 2009, 5:05 AM |


You have done a fantastic job. Forget about the glitches; there are always those as you build. Your willingness to continue growing and fixing, and your responsiveness to your members is outstanding. You have created a paradigm that ought to be looked at for every sport and interest. My only regret is that the Internet and chess.com did not exist when I was younger. Likely, I would have gotten more involved and stayed involved in chess over the years. This is a site that allows members not only to play chess, and talk about chess, but share other interests as well. It brings together people all over the world, people with varied interests and backgrounds who can see each other as friends in a constructive way. How many of us will find deeper friendships over time; quite a few I suspect. Then there are the people with interests beyond chess who form groups and interact with chess as the nexus of their meeting. This reminds me of the Pulitzer prize winning book, the Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse.


I think you have created something that goes beyond just the game itself. Deep respect and admiration from me. Good work dude.