The Infamous Lues Attack

Dec 24, 2009, 1:18 PM |

In response to 1 e4 is the memorable...h5 Indeed! The infamous Lues attack, first used by Chancroid Lues in 1892 against Zukertort in an exhibition game presented before Catherine the Great's niece, Emily the Furbludgeoned. Zukertort in response to this brilliancy hurled his Queen across the room, costing Emily her right eye. Emily's fiance, Gimpel the town idiot, thought Zukertort put on a great show and awarded him the game despite protests by Lues. Lues spent the rest of his days alternating between promoting his famous opening and developing dementia. Years later, Lues opening was commemorated by military madman General Paresis and his wife Happy, in a valiant effort to spread Lues among the troops.


these and other bits of forgotten chess history are part of the World Tourette's Almanac of Chess put out by Dauntin Staunton and sons, Third Edition for those so inclined...