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Drunk Chess Mind good Chess mind

May 7, 2010, 7:08 PM 1

Just a quick note, My rating just went up +10 and +14 in two blitz games against higher rated players, and i am about 4 beers and 3 gb's deep.  If you don't know what gb's are don't worry, just know they mess you up even more when with beer. So why did I play so well under such circumstances?  Well one thing that comes to mind is fearlessness. Next is moving fast without thinking to hard for blitz to get a lead on the clock. Even if you go down a bit in material going up on time even's it out, the other player will most likely make a mistake moving too quickly to make up time later in the game. Alright ya'll be easy, have a good day of chess. Also my last blog didn't get posted and it was mad long.. pissed but I will do it over for ya later, peace

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