i shouldn't have won


he is rated in the 1900's.

i am rated in the 1400's.

you do the math.


so, i'm black, he's white, obviously.

i mess up at 7...Bd7 allowing a nice fork, wasting tempo.

and again at 10...Nd8 allowing white to force the removal of my bishop.

then i make a nice sac at 16...Nxe5 changing the game's atmosphere entirely.

i avoid a nice fork trap on 21...Qd7 if instead ...Qf7 and white follows Bd6.

i can't avoid his counter-sac, so i make a nice fork on 22...Nd3.

perhaps white blunders on 23.Nxd5 and thus is down the Exchange.

normal endgame until white blunders on 33.a4 which allows Re1+ RxR RxR+ Kg2 Re7 eating a bishop. (he humbly resigned before this)

now i know i did not play at an Expert or even Class A level.  however, i didn't win by a foolish backrank mate either.  and i am proud of this hardfought battle where as per usual i'm down in the opening but this time used my creativity to garner some positional leverage and forced my opponent into an open endgame, the kind that i tend to win.  this will likely be the last time i beat someone rated 500 points higher than myself.  smile.