My thoughts on the new Design

Mar 31, 2012, 4:10 PM |

I must say, I am probably in the minority in the opinion but I LOVE the New design. I would like to thank the makers of for an awesome new interface and an awesome design to

Favourite New Features

1. I love the chat room for the groups. Each group now has their own chat room in which the administrators are the moderators. I personally think this will become a large feature.

2. The site loads a hundred times faster for me which is a HUGE plus even on the newer browser that I'm on.

3. I like the notification bar on the top. I think, with some tweaking, it could look really cool.


I prefer having a darker background as it maakes the texts standout better. Thanksfully, I can make that happen with my own design.

Second, I dislike the layout of the profies. I feel that it can be better managed. I'm not quite sure I like the different tabs; but I do like the drop down part for the ratings.

Finally ,I think there is too much space between the "more" tab and the "home" tab. 


These are my thoughts. Overall, great job! I look forward to a  great new start on