Many Springs Open 35

Aug 15, 2010, 1:52 PM |

Yesterday, I participated in Tarrant County Chess Club's Many Springs Open 35. I didn't do well at all, a solid 0-4. However, I still enjoyed the tournament... in theory, i.e., the opportunity to compete in OTB games and work through a new opening system. The TCCC is always well organized and friendly. The library location was wonderful.

My first game was against a 1600 player, and I was winning throughout. Towards the end, I had my knight pinned to my queen and that caused some troubles. However, I still had a solid endgame. My big mistake: I was getting into time trouble (still in a winning position, I believe, with a nice pawn storm on the queen side), and I saw a combination where my opponent checkmates me in two. It so shocked me that I resigned... only to realize a second later: It wasn't checkmate! So yes, I resigned a winning game against someone 600 points higher than me. That must go into some record book. Sheesh. (UPDATE: After looking over that game, it wasn't a "winning position." My opponent could have had a three-fold repetition by hopping back and forth on f8 and g6 with his knight. Still, a 1/2 point is better than my goofy resignation.)
In my second game, I was playing against someone 300 points higher than me. I didn't check anyone's rating until after the games... and that worked better. I had a slightly superior end game (it's debateable: 2 N + 1 extra pawn v. N+B), but I still lost. This game wasn't nearly as frustrating as the first. It was a good game. I'll figure out where I need to improve.

My opponent in game 2, John DeVries, emailed me his analysis. I posted it in my game diagram.

The last two rounds were miserable. My games were sloppy. I need to look into why I shut down.
These games have given me a lot to think about as I get ready for the U.S. Class Championships in Houston. Feel free to critique, analyze, or make suggestions.