Many Springs Quad 3

Mar 22, 2011, 7:59 PM |

I broke my losing streak with the Tarrant County Chess Club tournaments of 0-8. (You can see my blog post on the Many Springs Open 35 and 36 for the horrific details.) For this tournament, I was a respectable 4-1, winning second place in my section. My USCF rating went from 1211 to 1325. The bottom two sections were combined into a swiss, because one person didn't show up. Remember people: If you pre-registered, let the TD know if you aren't going to be there! Since we had a larger group, our G/75 with a 5 second delay was turned into a G/30 with a 5 second delay.

I'm especially pleased with my first round victory against a player rated 1574. My 2nd and 4th round games were against lower rated players, and there are some incredibly sloppy/careless moves on my part. I wish I could've mated my 2nd round opponent sooner. You can tell by his moves that he gave up once I sacked his queen. My loss in round 3 was due to a reckless bishop sacrifice that amounted to nothing. This same move served me well in the Austin tournament, but clearly these habit-forming kamikaze moves don't always equate to a sound strategy.

Here are my games. Let me know what you think. Any further analysis would be greatly appreciated.