September Swiss 2011

Sep 21, 2011, 6:18 AM |

I'm not too proud of my performance at this tournament. I went 1-3. I played decently against some higher rated players (in rounds one and two), but then fumbled in the endgame. I lost a game against a much lower rated player in round three, a person I've beaten before. He was in major time trouble, but due to an illegal move I made he was able to regain 2 minutes and eventually the win. An exciting win for him, but I was left wondering what happened. The last round I was playing a much lower rated player, and it was a brutal win for me. I was playing with some serious aggression.

One more win would've changed the entire tone of the day, but my USCF rating has been dropping and I'd like to bring it back up. More practice, more work ahead of me.

Your feedback and comments are appreciated.