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I've been playing chess on and off since I was about eigt years old. Every few years I get enthusiastic and wnat to get back into tournaments again. This sort of chess does not really suit me.I perefer games of 2*20 or something like that. In other words I function better under time pressure than otheres seem to. Having said that i don't like 5 minute chess where mistakes go unnoticed


  • 9 years ago


    Iused to play on Yahoo - 10 years ago, perhaps - whereby you could fix your own times using quite sophisticated methods - but there was lots of abuse and stupidity. From that point of view this site is superb. Most people seem to be very's just when you have a slight advantage and the guy takes 3 days over 3 moves it seems crazy....and not at all like chess. At whatever level therre are always 2 players and a clock!

  • 9 years ago


    Well i like this chess because its more of a teaching tool, than who is quicker than who, and the times work well with a fast pace time schedual, where u can keep a game going even when you are in the middle of one and have to leave..., but i understand wat you are saying too...maybe they'll come out with something that will suit your time pressure games
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