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It is not often I get to play titled players.

Dec 10, 2015, 1:15 AM 0
Last night I decided to play on ICC using the mobile app and staged up until 330am before I decided to play one final game. I clicked on the 15 minute pool and my game started and I saw I was paired with an IM. What a great way to end my night I thought. I also thought it was going to be a crushing defeat and I wouldn't even put up a fight. I was going to play the Scotch gambit but figured that would be completely embarrassing. Therefore, I decided on the Ruy Lopez. I got lost in the middle game and wasn't sure what the plans for white are but I had played through several games and had seen a few plans. After I went to bed and woke up I put the game in Komodo to see how bad I was losing at the final position only to see that it was dead even! Now, I have no delusions that I would be able to hold out for the draw but to still be in an even rook and pawn endgame against an IM ina 15 minute game is still my most impressive performance to date. 

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