Making The French Defense Exciting!

Dec 8, 2015, 9:44 PM |

Tonight I went by the Charlotte Chess Center and there was an even lighter turnout than last Tuesday. This does not surprise me with the holiday season already upon us. I played my normal warm-up blitz games. I even played some games without a clock with a guy from High Point. He said he retired and moved from Mass down here and now he just gets out and drives. He enjoys playing chess so he will visit the chess center on occassion. If only our entire lives were about doing what made us happy! Imagine that kind of world.... 


Well, onto the game I played. I was paired with an opponent that I have been anxious to play for several months and it just so happened that tonight was that night. I have seen her win against some of the players that I too have won against. Her games have always been fun to watch but from what I could tell she liked to keep the positions pretty calm. Therefore, my plan was to create some fireworks and on top of that play the French defense. I have been tired of the boring games I get with the French so I have decided to take up some new lines and I must say the games have been way more interesting.