Survivor Series #1

Jun 4, 2011, 3:24 PM |

Below are the three games that I played today in the Tiger Chess Association for their Survivor Series Tournament.  I was playing in the U1400 section.  We played G/60 Swiss.  The last game was G/70.  It was scheduled for 4 rounds but we only ended up with time for 3 rounds.  The games are in order that we played.  Hope you enjoy them.  



After coming away with that win I felt both fortunate and began to have the confidence that I may actually be able to hold up decently in this tournament.  After a break we played Round 2 which is below.
After this game I felt like Houdini having escaped an almost certain lost.  After our break we started up the next and final game of this tournament below.  My opponent was also undefeated coming into this and I knew from his first move that I was going to be fighting an uphill battle.  

So with that final game I finished the tournament 2W-0D-1L.  This placed me in 2nd of my section.  This was my first actual Swiss tournament and am looking forward to many more.