To Draw Or Not To Draw?

Feb 28, 2017, 8:09 PM |

My opponent thought he had a killer king-side attack going evidenced by his motions to another player throughout the opening. Yet, when the middle game was reached he had to buckle up when I captured a pawn out of the blue. While I thought this was a cute tactical idea, it turns out after further analysis, it was not so good for Black. Well, I was now up a pawn and my opponent was focused and no more neck slicing motions to this friend.

Then when we are about to trade queens and go into a rook and pawn ending he offers me a draw. I am pretty sure it is a draw but I don't like draws. So I play on. I not only give back my pawn but then I go on to lose the king and pawn ending.

Lesson learned: Don't trade down into a losing king and pawn ending. Accept a draw when you are pretty sure it is a draw and you don't have a clear win.