Upcoming Tournament

Aug 2, 2011, 10:25 PM |

In one month I will be playing in the NC Open, my first real and big tournament of my chess career.  I am excited and nervous.  I have been studying up on tactics and working on some opening lines.  Currently, I have even picked up a book on strategy.  

My current rating is 1251(P25).  However, after playing and losing to IM Battaglini and drawing with a 2076 player both felt that I was playing around 1800 strength.  I understand that 1800 is still not that great of a player but considering what my rating says and what my play is saying, I feel that is a big jump.  

My biggest weakness as of right now is not knowing how to think and not following through with variations in my head.  I also do not know where to lead my thinking in any given position.  Whereas a few years ago when I was playing stronger than now I would know because I was playing and studying all the time.  

Hopefully, I will be strong enough to win my section and if not then I will study and work harder for the next tournament (I am still unsure when that will be).

I plan on uploading my games after each round or at least after each day with full analysis of my games.