Appeal for Help

Appeal for Help

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Dear Chess Friends,

  I am writing to ask you help. The father of one of Bulgarian's most promising female players Elitza Raeva (picture) needs an urgent life-saving operation abroad. the sum requested for the operation is 30 000 euro, and needs to be collected before the end of the month. We our trying our best to help, but Bulgaria is a small country, and the appeal arrived late. Therefore, I am writing here, on the largest chess site, with the biggest chess mass:

 If you have the opportunity, will and desire to help, please do it!

  Here are the accounts:

Account in BGN: 
Name: Elitza Rumenova Raeva 
IBAN: BG04STSA93000019758724 
Банка ДСК 

Bank accounts of the hospital in which Rumen Raev is threated: 
Beneficiary name  : 
Anadolu Egitim Sosyal Yardim Vakfı Saglik 
Tesisleri İktisadi İsletmesi 
Bank Name  : 
AlternatifBank A.Ş. 

Account in Turkish Lira: 
A-BANK Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi Şubesi 
9400-01407470 TL 
IBAN : TR150012409400TRY001407470 

Account in US Dollars: 
A-BANK Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi Şubesi 
9400-01411961 $ 
IBAN : TR250012409400USD001411961 

Account in Euro: 
A-BANK Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi Şubesi 
9400-01411962 € 
IBAN : TR490012409400EUR001411962 

Please, send the account payment (statement/ SWIFT) via Fax or E-MAIL on the following contacts:
0090 262 654 00 53

Thank you all for your understanding and help.

Gens Una Sumus!