Appeal for Help (Update)

Appeal for Help (Update)

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Dear Chessfriends,

After my first post a couple of days ago many things were said (I hope that some were done, too). One of the readers pointed out correctly, that something should be changed in the post, and he was completely right.

In order to avoid any suspicious for fraud (no matter how ugly this sounds) I will suggest that those of you willing to help Elitza's father can take part in one of my simuls which will take place this Sunday 20.00 and 22.00 o'clock Bulgarian time (which is 18.00 and 20.00 o'clock London time respectively) on the server. There are twenty five spots in each of them, and the place costs 20 $. The money goes directly to the account , and takes the reponsibility to send the funds where they belong- for Mr Raev's treatment. By helping you will aslo get something in return, a game with a GM in a simul. The time control for each simul is 60 minutes (per side) for the whole game. I am pretty sure that you will not be bored.

You can apply for the product here:

David Pruess has added the products in my trainer's profile, with an inscription about them- just have a look at the last two of them. David and Danny Rensch are actively helping me with the fund-raising, with positive ideas, and human support, which can hardly be found anywhere else. Thank you, guys!

In order to reply to one of the readers question concerning the illness- it is lung cancer with metastases and the whole course of the treatment is at the price of 30 000 euro (not only the operation which should deal with the metastases, which I wrote- appologies for the mistake).

The person who needs treatment is the father of one of our best female players-Elitza Raeva- Rumen Raev. He used to be a member of the Bulgarian Chess Federation executive board, and Elitza is Bulgarian women's champion 2008, and co-champion from this year. Rumen Raev is an assistant professor at the University of Ruse by occupation.

This is all that I can think of at the moment.

I hope to see many of you on Sunday, and thank you all in advance!