Chess 431 Moves to 10-th of November!

GM dbojkov
Oct 26, 2013, 1:59 AM |

Dear friends!

Due to the daylight saving time changes and the possibility of time clashes I decided to move the seminar Chess 431 to another day- 10-th of November. The start of the seminar remains the same- 12:00 PM Pacific Time.

Thus, we avoid the time change in Europe (27 October) and USA (3 November.)

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I hope that it is for good.

There are still spots available for the seminar and you are welcome to subscribe.

Here is the short description again:

Chess 431 – Dynamic and Positional Pawn Sacrifice

Level: Chess 431 is aimed at players with a strength above 1800, but players with lower rating who feel stronger than that are naturally welcome.

When: Sunday  10-th of November, 2013 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time.
Format: The total seminar duration will be 2 hours and 15 minutes, with two 1- hour sessions that are separated by a 15-minute break.
Course Description:

Grandmaster Alekhine stated once that the most difficult thing in chess is to sacrifice on time a pawn. Sacrificing a piece requires deep calculation and we usually decide on it only when we are certain that we win the game. A pawn is a different thing though. It is seemingly less committing but in reality every pawn can become a queen and the danger is no less than when sacrificing a piece.

On the other hand the compensation which one receives when sacrificing a pawn is less obvious and in most of the cases only temporary.

In this course you will learn why the generally very careful and positional GM Adams decided to sacrifice a pawn at this early stage:

by the simple castling!

Prerequisites: There are no prereqs for this course.
Tuition: $40/person
Registration: The maximum number of students for this seminar is 26.
In order to register, purchase "Chess 431" go to my blog: and on the left side choose the paypal button under the seminar sign.
Please, don’t hesitate to message me, Dejan Bojkov, with any questions you may have!

Greeting and thank you in advance for signing in for the seminar!