Dynamic and Positional Pawn Sacrifice

GM dbojkov
Nov 12, 2013, 8:36 AM |

The seminar Chess 431 – Dynamic and Positional Pawn Sacrificewas concluded this Sunday.

Amongst the examples that were covered was the following masterpiece by Veselin Topalov:

I would like to thank to all the participants who took part in this event and to wish them many successful pawn sacrifices, both positional and dynamic!

Those of you who have missed the chance to take part in the seminar still have a chance to purchase it.  Just go to my blog:
http://dejanbojkov.blogspot.com/ and on the left side choose the paypal button under the Chess.com seminar sign.

I will send you the link with the videos and the pgn files once that you are ready.

Best regards!