Thank you, members!!

Thank you, members!!

GM dbojkov
Oct 6, 2011, 6:05 AM |

The Sunday simuls were made on a very short notice, and without much publicity. The time was short, but many people appeared to take part in the fundraisers, and gave their part for the successful recovery of Rumen Raev. I would like especially to thank the players Bishopsun, FinnJespen, Tonymbird, dmorris99, tresequis, HristoProtos and caminator. There is a separate gratitude to Nassredin, who not only took part in both the simuls, but contributed additionally with extra funds.
I hope that you liked the simultanious games (I loved them) and some of them were really fightful and interesting.
I would like also to thank to all of those players who contributes annonimously for the noble cause of saving another human being! 
I would also like to thank to those who did not have this possibility, but wished to do so!
Mr. Raev's condition is still critical, but I hope that he can make it, and that some time soon he will be able to thank you all personally!

I am adding the games from the simuls now, as you have requested:



In this one I was lucky, my opponent could and should have simply taken the pawn at one stage: 



And this one was so sharp, that I have the feeling White should be losing at some moment:


I liked most the following encounter- very sharp and interesting. David Pruess also loved it :