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Workin' on a Knight Move

Workin' on a Knight Move

Jun 21, 2017, 4:32 PM 2

      Of the chess pieces on the board, none is quite as unique or challenging as the knight; my personal favorite weapon. Unlike any other piece, the knight has the ability to jump or pass through other pieces and has to alternate between colors (an important tactical tool I've come to keep an eye out for). The queen is of course the biggest weapon of mass destruction on the board, and the rook as well as the bishop have serious firepower. However, the knight has the unique ability to threaten a piece without a direct line or create checkmate opportunities only possible due to it's unique characteristics.


      I've been working on intelligently using the knight for it's 'outpost abilities' and it's capability to bring checkmates from nowhere or force difficult pins that can undermine my opponents plans. Doing some research I've learned that the knight's movements have not changed since the inception of chaturanga, and I am glad it's never changed! There are also volumes of books devoted to this one piece and the combinations it and another piece can use to dominate. Below is an example of a situation I encountered recently where I had the opportunity to use my favorite piece as a outpost and game ender:

     My last move was Kc2-Ke3#. This example shows the knights capability to do what no other piece could! So next time you see one of those ponies sneaking onto your side of the board, do not underestimate their horsepower!


     So what's your favorite piece and why? Post below!



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