The Mighty Power of the Puny Pawn

Jun 7, 2010, 12:45 PM |

Over time, as a reasonably good player, I have dicsovered many different weaknesses that a rookie may possess, for some it is an over willingness to swap queens or a complete unwillingness to swap queens even when there is really nothing to lose, or maybe it's allowing yourself to get pinned down too easily, or maybe having an OCD about the set-up of pawns. Believe me - I've seen them all, however the most common problem which rookies tend to have is a comlete lack of attention when it comes to conserving a satus-quo in the number of pawns each player possesses. In the following game between me and another player we shall se what I mean...


Here you see how a solid pawn advantage can really pan out to be a real advantage. As always I'd like to thank my opponent Mr. Jancok for his contribution.