World Championship 2013 - Critical Move #2

Nov 14, 2013, 12:43 AM |

After the quick draws in the first two games, the 2013 World Championship Anand-Carlsen match is getting more exciting. In game 3, Anand with black took the initiative and had winning chances after pushing Carlsen queen to the corner. The game eventually reached a dead drawn position, but they kept playing till the last pawn, maybe due to fans complaints about the earlier short draws!

There were several critical moves in this game for Anand to play for a win. I picked two of them that involve taking the black pawn in b2. In the first position, Anand could have played 29. ... Bxb2 instead of Bd4 and defended to win with the extra pawn. In the second, Anand actually played 34. ... Bxb2, but instead could have have kept the initiative with 34. ... Rf8.